Our Team Philosophy

Made in Rio inspires innovation, encourages collaboration and celebrates diversity. We facilitate and nurture positive, cooperative working relationships based upon the importance of developing a quality final product. Our goal is to shape a thriving project team through a supportive work environment built on mutual respect, support and trust.

Open communication and positive feedback is our everyday practice. We recognize the importance of discussing problems and difficult issues as they arise. We problem solve through open dialogue, a highly valued attribute in our company that enables us to express our concerns in a constructive manner, ultimately benefiting our entire team.

Our commitment focuses on team processes, leadership and accountability. Our team members are well aware of the importance of everyone’s role within the teams, as well as the process we use to plan and track the timing and quality of all required tasks. All team members are expected to put their best efforts forward with our clients’ expectations and goals in mind. Being apart of the Made in Rio team is a rewarding experience with a culture that inspires and builds careers.

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We encourage you to consider Made In Rio, Inc. for your next job opportunity. If you are interested in applying for a specific job at Made In Rio, Inc., or just want to send us your qualifications for future consideration, please fill out our Application for Employment below. For more information about available positions and upcoming job openings, please email: [email protected].

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This application is a web-fill document. When you select the “SUBMIT” button, your application will be electronically communicated via email. Made in Rio, Inc. does not accept responsibility for misdirected, lost or intercepted emails of information or the transfer of any viruses or complications associated during electronic communications. By completing the application and submitting via email you agree to this policy. You may fill in your information, print and deliver in person or via mail to 12734 Kenwood Lane, Suite 61, Fort Myers, Florida 33907 should you not wish to not submit electronically.


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